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  Deutsch - Magazine for Skateboard, Roller Skate, Inline, BMX is dedicated to everything connected with Skating. You find here contest reports, spot checks and other things having to do with Skating. This includes Skateboarding and Inline Skating. Whenever possible, we will focus on Roller Skating. Most of the pages here are in German (but there are lots of pictures!). If you would like to read one of the pages in English, write an E-Mail to Bernhard Scheffold and I will provide a translated version.

Update: Skate Park Westblaak Rotterdam


The Westblaak Skate Park in Rotterdam has been build completely new.

New: NL Contest 2018 in Strassbourg, Frankreich

NL Contest 2018

In Strassbourg, the NL Contest 2018 took place from Mai 18. to 22. Mai.

New: Skate Park Öhringen


In Öhingen there is a bowl with a volcano in the middle.

New: Skate Park Wanaka (New Zealand)


In Wanaka in New Zealand there is a very nice concrete skate park.

New: Old Jetty Skatepark Apollo Bay (Victoria/Australien)

Apollo Bay

In Apollo Bay in Victoria/Australia there is a street park near the ocean.

Update: Skate Park Oberesslingen


Picture update for the skate park in Oberesslingen.

New: Skate Park Silvaplana (Switzerland)


A skate park at one of the highest wind surf spots at the Silvaplana lake.

New: Hamburg Rote Flora Bowl


The bowl of the Rote Flora in Hamburg.

New: Skatepark Oranienburg


The skate park in Oranienburg.

New: Skatepark Landau/Pfalz


In Landau/Pfalz there is a new skate park.

New: Skate Park Lappantunnel in Oldenburg


In Oldenburg there is a skatepark build into a former subway.

New: Longboard Rally Lödersdorf – LoRaLo 2014, Austria

LoRaLo 2014

In Lödersdorf in Austria the LoRaLo 2014 took place from September 17 to September 21.

New: Blue Tomato Austrian Bowl Masters 2014, Brixlegg, Austria

Blue Tomato Austrian Bowl Masters 2014, Brixlegg, Austria

Oh Yeah what a Weekend! Although the weather was tricky, all sessions and the Bowl Contest could take place! This year there were two Austrian Masters chosen at the Blue Tomato Austrian Bowl Master Championship in Brixlegg!! DAVID MARGREITER & ROMAN ERHART!! Congratulations!!

New: Skate Park Mannheim


There is a new concrete skate park in Mannheim.

New: Rieseljam 2014, Freiburg

Rieseljam 2014, Freiburg

On June 14 the 10. Rieseljam took place in Freiburg.

New: Novelle Ligne Contest 9, Strassburg

Novelle Ligne Contest 9, Strassburg

From May 23 to 25 the Nouvelle Ligne contest took place in Strassburg.

New: Skate Park Arcachon (Frankreich)


In Arcachon there is a mini ramp.

New: Skate Park Weinfelden (Switzerland)


In Weinfelden near Constance there is a nice concrete park.

New: Skate Sculpture Île de Vassivière (France)

Île de Vassivière

On the Île de Vassivière in France there is a skateable sculpture.

Update: Pool Konstanz/Wollmatingen


A picture from the completed Pool in Konstanz/Wollmatingen.

New: Review Riedell Spark Roller Skates

Review Riedell Spark Roller Skates

A review of the Riedell Spark roller skates, together with Powell Rollerbones.

New: Backup Jam 2014, Berlin

Backup Jam 2014, Berlin

On March 15, 2014 the newcomer contest Backup Jam 2014 took place.

New: Hot LaWa 13, Freiburg/Landwasser

Hot LaWa 13, Freiburg/Landwassser

On August 17/18, the half pipe contest Hot LaWa took place in Freiburg.

New: Rieseljam 13, Freiburg/Rieselfeld

Rieseljam 13, Freiburg/RieselfeldCampus

On June 22 the Rieseljam took place in Frerburg.

New: Campus Ramp Jam 2013, Karlsruhe

Campus-Ramp-Jam 2013, Karlsruhe

On June 8, the Campus Ramp Jam took place in Karlsruhe.

New: Nouvelle Ligne 8, Straßburg

Nouvelle Ligne 8, Straßburg

On May 18/19 the 8. Nouvelle Ligne Contest took place in Strassburg.

New: Skate Halle Augsburg

Special Event: Campus Ramp Jam 2013


The skate hall in Augsburg exists since about one year.

New: Skate Park Frankfurt/Osthafen


Freshly opened (December 15, 2012), a new skate park in Frankfurt at the eastern harbour.

New: Skate Park in Nagoya/Japan


Our first spot check in Japan: a street park in Nagoya.

New: Betonpark in Neudrossenfeld


A brandnew park by Blackriver Ramps in Neudrossenfeld.

New: Concrete Park in Metz/France


In Metz/France there is a concrete park with snake run.

New: Campus Ramp Jam 2012, Karlsruhe

Campus Ramp Jam 2012, Karlsruhe

On June 9 the first Campus Ramp Jam took place in Karlsruhe.

Update: Red Rocks Skatepark in Schifflange-Esch (Luxemburg)


Flow has provided us with new pictures from the Red Rocks Skatepark.

New: Book Vintage Skaterock by Dr. Skaterock

Book Vintage Skaterock

Dr. Skaterock has completed his "dissertation" about Vintage Skaterock. We had a few words with him.

New: BikeJam 2012, Freiburg

BikeJam 2012, Freiburg

On Mai 26/27 the BikeJam took place in Freiburg.

New: Radquartier in Kirchenlamitz

Radquartier in Kirchenlamitz

In Kirchenlamitz there is a bike indoer spot with plenty of skate opportunities.

New: Skate Park in Sinzheim

Skate Park Sinzheim

In Sinzheim near Baden Baden there is a small skate park.

New: 2011, Zürich, Zürich

On September 24/25 the took place in Zürich.

New: 1. Longboard Open 2011, Karlsruhe

1. Longboard Open 2011, Karlsruhe

On October 16 thw 1. Longboard Open took place in Karlsruhe.

Update: Spot Guide Karlsruhe

Spot Guide Karlsruhe

Chris Eggers has updated the Spot Guide Karlsruhe.

New: Red Rocks Skatepark in Schifflange-Esch (Luxemburg)

Red Rocks Skatepark

The first concrete skate park in Luxembourg is ther Red Rocks Skatepark in Schifflange-Esch.

New: Trier GKN Skate Park

Trier GKN Skate Park

In Trier there is since 2004 a concrete park, the GKN Skate Park

New: Skate Hall Trier

Skate Hall Trier

In Trier there is an indoor park in an old super market, called Zuppermarket. The floor is a powerslide paradise!

New: Bowl Bastia/Korsika (France)

Bastia Bowl

In Koriska's capital Bastia there is a nice bowl directly at the beach.

New: Hot LaWa 2011, Freiburg

Hot LaWa 2011

on June 16/17 the half pipe contest Hot LaWa took place in Freiburg. First, the inline report. The skateboard report is now online, too.

New: BikeJam 2011, Freiburg

BikeJam 2011

On June 11/12, the BikeJam took place in Freiburg.

New: Volcom Bergfest 2011, Münster Bergfidel

Volcom Bergfest 2011

On July 16 the Volcom Bergfest took place in Münster.

New: Skate Park Baden Baden

Baden Baden Skatepark

In Baden Baden s new skate park is being built.

New: Contest NL 6, Strassburg Mai 2011

NL 6

On May 28/29, the Contest NL 6 took place in Strassburg.

New: Steckborn (Switzerland)


In Steckborn there is a bowl with a real deep end.

New: Konstanz/Miniramp


In Konstanz there is a nice miniramp situated directly at the Rhine.

Bowl For Free


Chris Eggers writes in his Blog: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! The Bowl at Block 37 in Winterthur, Switzerland is up for grabs! If you want it you can get it for free! You just have to dismantle it and carry it away. Erwin Rechsteiner of informs that you need space of about 14 x 23 meters. The Bowl is 1,80 - 4,80 meters (cradle) high. It is no problem to make it smaller or even bigger. The Bowl will not suffer from the move due to the construction. The parts are not larger than 1,10 x 2,20 meters, except for a few beams. The surface is a bit slippery at the moment because it was not maintained, but if it is cleaned intensively it will be like new again.

New: CLASH 2011, Berlin

CLASH 2011

From May 22 to 24 the CLASH 2011 took place in the skate hall Berlin.

New: Campus Ramp Karlsruhe

Campus Ramp Karlsruhe

The old ramp from the Bïo;blingen indoor park has found a new home one the campus of the University of Karlsruhe.

New: Bowl Konstanz/Wollmatingen

Bowl Konstanz/Wollmatingen

There is a new bowl under construction in Konstanz/Wollmatingen.

New: Skatepark Kreuzlingen/Harbour (Switzerland)

Skate Park Kreuzlingen/Harbour

A Skatepark at the harbour of Kreuzlingen.

New: Indoor Skate Park Sondershausen

Indoor Skate Park Sondershausen

The indoor skate park Sondershausen has a nice bowl and is open for skaters and bikers.

Update: Indoor Skate Park Karlsruhe

Skatehalle Karlsruhe

The indoor skate park Karlsruhe has been rebuilt completely in July 2010. Highlights are new surfaces, a wooden floor and octacles by IOU.

Update: Concrete Park München Hirschgarten

Betonpark München Hirschgarten

New photos from the concrete park in München Hirschgarten by Stephan Happ.

New: Indoor Skate Park Schleswig

Indoor Skate Park Schleswig

The indoor skate park Schleswig is of interesting for transition skaters, since it has a bowl an a mini ramp.

New: New Kids on the Block 2010, Berlin

New Kids on the Block 2010

On December 11/12 the contest New Kids on the Block 2010 took place in the indoor skate parb Berlin.

New: 2010 in Zürich 2010

On September 25/26 the 16. edition of the took place in Zürich.

New: Skate Park Pier 62 New York (USA)

Pier 62 New York

Chris Eggers was in New York and had a look at the Pier 62 skate park.

Update: Hot LaWa 2010 in Freiburg

Hot LaWa 2010

On July 17/18 the half pipe contest Hot LaWa took place in Freiburg. We conclude our report with pictures from the inline contest.

New: The Austrian Bowlmasters, Brixlegg/Austria 2010

The Austrian Bowlmasters, Brixlegg/Austria 2010

On September 11 the Austrian Bowlmasters 2010 took place in Brixlegg/Austria.

New: München Hirschgarten

Muenchen Hirschgarten

Munich has a new concrete skate park at Hirschgarten.

New: Potsdam City

Potsdam Innenstadt

A few street spots in the city of Potsdam.

New: Combi Bowl Stahnsdorf/Brandenburg

Combi Bowl Stahnsdorf

A brand new combi bowl in Stahnsdorf/Brandenburg.

Update: Hot LaWa 2009 in Freiburg

Hot LaWa 2009

On July 18/19 the half pipe contest Hot LaWa took place in Freiburg. Finally the report has also the photos from the inline contest and from the skateboard contest.

New: Indoor Skate Park Real-X in Apeldoorn/Netherlands

Indoor Skate Park Real-X in Apeldoorn

The indoor skate park Real-X in Apeldoorn/Netherlands.

New: NV 5 in Strassburg

Nouvelle Ligne 5

On May 22/23, the fifth Nouvelle Ligne Contest took place in Strassburg.

New: Skate Park Haguenau

Skate Park Haguenau

In Haguenau there is a fine new indoor skate park built by Vertical.

New: Interview with Andreas Schützenberger (IOU Ramps)

Interview with Andreas Schützenberger

Chris Eggers has interviewed Andreas Schützenberger from IOU Ramps.

New: Skate Park Oberkirch

Skate Park Oberkirch

Near Oberkirch there is a small skate park consisting of concrete obstacles and a concrete mini ramp.

New: Karlsruhe Backyard

Karlsruhe Backyard

Sascha Reichert is constructing a new indoor skate sport in Karlsruhe.

Update: News from the Factory Bowl

Factory Bowl

The Factory Bowl in Neuss/Düsseldorf has aquired some additions: The OMSA pool and a mini ramp.

New: Halfpipe Bonn shall rise again

Halfpipe Bonn

The half pipe in Bonn probably was the biggest outdoor ramp in Germany. Many legendary contests and sessions took place there. Now the ramp is no more but the locals plan to build a new, more modern ramp. Donations and sponsors are welcome!

New: 09 in Zürich/Switzerland 09

From September 25 to 27 the took place in Zürich. Mike Hammer reports.

New: Concrete Skate Park Essen

Concrete Skate Park Essen

In Essen there is a fine new concrete skate park by Minus Ramps.

New: Jürgen Horrwarth's Change of Guard, Final

20 Jahre Vertical

Press release and photos from the final of Jürgen Horrwarth's Change of Guard.

New: COS-Vert-Cup 2009, Total Results

The total results from the COS Cup 2009 by Dirk Rösen.

New: 20 Years Vertical Bowl Party in Frenkendorf/Switzerland

20 Years Vertical

From September 18. to 20. the 20 years anniversary of premium ramp builder Vertical was celebrated with a bowl party. A retrospective.

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