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1. Longboard Open 2011, Karlsruhe

Wednesday, 26. Oktober 2011, Chris Eggers.

The report was published originally in Chris Egger's Blog.

The first Karlsruhe Longboard Open was a large success. Great autumn weather brought around 250 longboarders and spectators to the Real parking garage in Karlsruhe.

There was food and drinks …

… music and decoration …

… booths with equipment …

… and interested people of all ages.

The downhillsessions and races were a lot of fun.

There was a girls division too.

There were different kinds of races. The youngsters were done in a LeMans style start.

The "pros" did a single lane elemination followed by a head to head finale.

There were a few crashes without seriuos injuries.

n the end there were lots of happy faces in front of the darkening sky. Many thanks to the organizers. This was a large effort and we hope for next year!