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Blue Tomato Austrian Bowlmasters 2014, Brixlegg, Austria

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The Weekend from 12.-14. September was in sign of the Blue-Tomato Austrian Bowl Masters Championship at The Cradle Skatepark in Brixlegg! Starting on Friday, the weather was dry, so the bleed Game of S.K.A.T.E and the Sadistic Artforms Wallbattle could take place. Simon Rieder from Jenbach won the bleed Game of S.K.A.T.E. The Tatoo Artists from Sadistic Artforms from Kramsach sponsered cash for Tricks. Most cash went to Roman Erhart from Absam and Patrick Freitag from Söll! Although the warm-up Party was held during dry weather, it got pretty liquid for some of the people! Not really a suprise when Dj Beatpuzzler, Dj Webstah and Wasteboys Inc. are on stage together!

Dark grey clouds were covering the heaven on Saturday, so we delayed the Bowl Contest to Sunday in hope for some sunshine. During the meet & greet at the Skatepark in the afternoon the vibes were good, cause everybody was looking foward to the live shows of the Bands in the evening. And it got great! The Surfing Hundekuchen opened the stage with their german punkrock and gahtered a lot of fans here. After that, bombs hit the area. Just kidding, the Bombers were live on stage! They gave an insight on how Hardcore / Punkrock from Kufstein sounds like. People from Kufstein rock it proberly, also shown by the Kaschorros Wiciados who entered the stage after the Bombers. Victim or Villain is a well known three-man-team from Tyrol, standing on stage since severeal years. Always a pleasure to hear your melodic punk! After that, it was not over yet, it got big another time! The later the evening, the fuller the tent, so Garagedays entered the stage in front of a super motivated crowd in heated atmosphere. Massive show, finest metal straight out from Rattenberg City and friends of the Skatepark – we are Fans! At this place, many thanks to Ultimate Entertainment – event engeneering!

After the partycrowd and the weather calmed down, the search for the Austiran Master in Bowl Skating started in early afternoon. The Judges, including Stefan Hauser from USA, one of the builders of the Cradle, set the greatest value on a variable performance around the whole bowl. As visitors from Switzerland competed as well, we had international starters from which out there were two Austrian Masters chosen! Ex aequo David Margreiter from Kramsach and Roman Erhart from Absam! “The Brave” and “the Blade”, two good friends who have their boards and the Cradle under control! You are nuts – but we love you for that!

Close behind on second/third place was the visitor from Switzerland, Martin Fabio. He skated the Bowl as if he was a local, riding the Cradle every day! Respect! Stefan Atzl from Kufstein, an experienced Cradle-Rocker lined up behind Fabio and could defended his, in this case, third place from last year. The strongest junior-rider in Tyrol, Santino Exenberger from Schwaz, did of course not miss out this competition. His solid runs took him to fifth place!

The best trick session was leaded by Patrick Freitag from Söll and Matthias Trobos from Kramsach. Patrick took home the best-trick-trophy for his deep-end hurricane action. After that, he and Matthias were doing an insane deep-end-combo-action. Boardslide around the vertcorner & fs-Air over the Boardslide! Massive, so cash for both!

Subsequently the Gloryfy Watergap Session, was leaded by Patrick “Brownie” Pittl from Innsbruck, no doubt about that! Alban Millaku, also from Innsbruck and Simon Rieder from Jenbach were on second on third place.

Big Merci to all the riders for the massive action the whole weekend! Hope to see you next year!



Bleed Game of S.K.A.T.E
1Rieder Simon
2Brunner Mike
3Hausberger Franz

Sadistic Artforms Wallbattle - Cash for Tricks! Most cash went to Roman Erhart & Patrick Freitag


Bowl Contest
1Margreiter David & Erhart Roman
3Martin Fabio
4Atzl Stefan
5Exenberger Santino

Best Trick: Patrick Freitag & Matthias Trobos Boardslide around the vertcorner & fs-Air over the Boardslide! Massive deep-end action combo!

Gloryfy Watergap-Session
1Pittl Patrick
2Millaku Alban
3Rieder Simon